Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Darina's Message to Friends and Family

Mega-leafleter and Team Vegan member Darina Smith recently sent a message to her friends and family, and has graciously given permission to repost excerpts; feel free to modify for your own use!

I am taking part in the annual Team Vegan challenge to help animals and the environment. Some people run a marathon or walk for their cause, but I chose an even more relevant activity: a leaflet-a-ton to distribute 5,000 leaflets describing the damage caused by factory farming, and to help people make educated food choices.  
You are invited to support me in this goal. Anyone who respects my dedication to helping animals by peaceful, respectable activism with Vegan Outreach, can show their support by a small tax-deductible donation here.     
A pool of generous donors is double-matching each dollar raised – if you donate $10 (which you won’t even notice missing), you’ve just created $40 to help animals. This multiple matching opportunity will end tomorrow, June 2nd, 2010, but you can support Team Vegan until July 31.

Others have already contributed a total of $1,050 to my page under Team Vegan fundraising. Help me get to $3,000, and get the gratifying feeling of having done something thoughtful today. 
Even if you don’t donate, you are welcome to check out [Vegan Outreach's website] and learn about this movement which, is gaining huge masses of supporters every year. 

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