Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bolder Boulder

Keep sending in those reports!

Mark Grover:

I ran Bolder Boulder 2010 on Memorial day this year. It's an annual 10 kilometer road race held in Boulder, CO and the largest race in the U.S. in which all participants are timed. It was my first time participating in any race and it didn't matter how much I clocked, it was going to be my personal record! 

It was beautiful day although it was a bit cold to start with. This year, around 54,000 people registered in the race. There were many live music bands playing all along the route. Two of my favorites were a singer impersonating Elvis (I hear, he is there every year) and a band dressed in an enlarged version of baby jumpsuits. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw them, perhaps that's the reason why I didn't feel the pain in my legs during the race.  Overall, it was a blast.

I will definitely do it again next year and try to get another personal record.  Go Team Vegan!

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