Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Structure of Team Vegan Training, 2010

For those who are looking to run as their Team Vegan goal, we're hoping to do things a little differently this year. Rather than just saying, "Run X miles today," we're hoping to develop a better sense of what different workouts are intended to accomplish, so we all have a better sense of "ownership" of our training. Also, so we don't feel that missing some workouts is a big deal -- if we know what we're striving to accomplish, we know what we can do to keep on track with a different schedule.

As you can see in the posts below, there are lots of training plans out there (here is another one -- a 16-week marathon plan from Runner's World). Feel free to peruse the various links -- that's why we're putting them here! But don't feel that you have to follow any particular plan to the tee -- the goal is to have fun, get fit, and help the animals!

And please stop by the official Team Vegan site, and register to set up your profile. Thanks so much!

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