Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More from Kellie!

Finishing up Kellie's fundraising suggestions:

·         Do something that is outside your comfort zone.  If you can currently run a 5k, say you’ll run a 10k.  Or instead of doing one big thing (running a marathon), do two smaller things.  Do a leaflet-a-thon and walk a 5k.  Donors are more likely to give to people who stretch their limits (but not so much that they can’t complete the task).

·         If appropriate, invite potential donors to come to your race or other event so they can see you complete your task!  Donors always like to see follow through and know that it was the right thing to give money to you and Vegan Outreach.

·         Give an incentive: do you bake?  "Free vegan cookie with every donation!"

·         Have a fundraiser such as a vegan bake sale. Contact vegfund to see if they would be interested in funding the sale (provided you meet specific requirements).

·         Portray veganism in a light that appeals to each person you’re asking.  If you know people who are into the environment, educate them on the environmental aspects of veganism along with the animal ones. The same thing with workers’ rights, world hunger, etc.  Make vegan outreach an organization that everyone can relate to and has a stake in.

·         Blog about your fundraising along the way.  You can use this as a gentle reminder to friends who have yet to give.  The more passion they see from you along the way, the more they will take you seriously and want to help you out.  On the same note, if someone gets an update seeing that you only need to raise $200 more to reach your goal, they might be inspired to give that final $200.

·         Reciprocate!  When asking friends for donations, remind them that if they ever need a similar favor in the future (provided the organization is animal-friendly), you would be happy to oblige. Or if you have already donated to one of their causes, remind them of that.

Thanks so much to everyone who is raising money for Vegan Outreach. As you might have seen, we’ve reached over half a million students this semester – with your help, we’ll reach even more next term!

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