Monday, May 24, 2010

Wow! Doubled Doubling!!

Huge News!

Another donor has come forward to help Team Vegan change the world!  Any money donated to a member of Team Vegan from TODAY (May 24th) through and including June 2nd will be doubled immediately by this donor.

That's right – every dollar donated between now and June 2nd will immediately be doubled, dollar-for-dollar, by the same amount from our anonymous donor – up to $1,000 per team member!

And all the money contributed – including the doubling by this anonymous donor – will again be doubled by John and Fany in August!   It is win-win-win* for the animals!

Among others, Team Vegan includes such outstanding leafleters as Michelle CehnPhil LettenDarina SmithJim Hillman, The Animal Awareness Project  – all of whom would greatly appreciate your support!!

Any questions? Please contact us!  

* Example – Uncle Eddie and Aunt Nora contribute $50 to VO via your page. An additional $50 also goes up at the same time! Then, in August, John and Fany will donate and additional $100 to Vegan Outreach. $200 worth of booklets reach new people!! So please take advantage of this opportunity!

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