Saturday, May 1, 2010


It is May 1, which means that Team Vegan is now officially underway!

Check out the team, with 69 members as of this typing (that's exactly as many as were in my high school graduating class)!

Kellie is leading the way, with $930 raised for the animals already -- well done, Kellie!

You still have a chance to be a part the team. If you complete your profile by May 7, a generous donor will contribute $100 to your fundraising efforts, and that $100 will be matched by John and Fany!

So please come by and set up your profile!

Already a member of the team? Start asking friends and family for fully tax-deductible contributions -- just send them to your profile page! GiveDirect (the site that processes donations with no fees withheld) was down earlier today, but it is up now.

Are you a donor who wants your money to go twice as far for the animals? Come by and make a donation to one of the team members, or donate to the general fund -- your contribution will be matched, dollar-for-dollar!

Thanks so much for being a part of this work!

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