Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Welcome! May 5, 2010

Thanks to all of you who've completed your profile! It’s exciting that so many dedicated people have signed up!!

Since there are so many of us now, I'm going to repeat myself for some of you; but please do read the entire post so that we're all on the same page.

The Team Vegan fundraiser ‘runs’ until 31 July. We have donors in Canada who will match everything raised in that time period – up to 75K. So we'll keep a running total on the Team Vegan site towards the goal of 75K. Once we reach the goal (or we hit July 31), the Canadian donors will send VO the matching money.

As an incentive to get people to join the team, another donor will put 100$ in everyone’s ‘pot’, provided they have a completed ‘profile’ by 7 May. This is money that Vegan Outreach will get right away; thousands of dollars which put to work for the animals. (This money will be matched, too, in the end, by the donors above.) This 100$ will show up on you goal bar on your page on 8 May. (I have to enter all donations separately. I want to do this all at once, hopefully for even more than the current 80 team members!)

When you fill out / finish your profile, please ignore the 1000$ required minimum. We're in the process of fixing that little glitch – but in the meantime, please ignore. There really is no minimum.

Whatever you raise for VO will be matched in the end, and we’ll be thrilled.

Ask family and friends to sponsor you for a race, a walk-a-thon, cat-sitting, leafleting adventure, birthday, Mother’s Day, or just because you're so right on! Walk dogs, pick up trash, cut hair and have people donate what they would have paid you to Vegan Outreach on your behalf. Whatever you feel comfortable with!

And be sure to come by the Team Vegan Facebook page.  Post a comment, introduce yourself, offer advice, etc. (Most of the photos are from previous years. Don’t worry when you see so many people running!)

We’re thrilled you have chosen to be a part of this important work! Please let me know if you have questions.


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